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These are unsettling times we are living through right now, unprecedented and frightening. We here at NMJ have been, like everyone, keeping abreast of all new developments and responding accordingly. We want to reassure our customers of what this means to us from a practical level, but also want to try and spread some light and share some of our musings on how we can best get through this time together, because we are all in this together, and we will get through it together. 

Click here to read about our current in-store and general business practices to ensure the safety of all of our customers and staff.  

So much of what we do here at NMJ is centred around love. So many of the pieces we make are made in the name of love - whether an engagement ring, a birthday present or a gift between friends, jewellery is more often than not a token of love. This is why we instil so much love in what we do, in every piece we craft and every interaction we undertake. In the face of what are extremely challenging times, we truly believe that love must go on. At times like these, it's more important than ever that we act in love. 

Ideas of ways to act in love:

- Support local businesses, they are here for us. Shop small - local grocers and butchers are the ones keeping our fridges full at the moment.  

- Be kind, reassure your friends and family, find comfort and strength in each other.

- Put your phone down and step away from the constant stream of news and media coverage, absolutely stay informed, but be kind to yourself and try not to spiral into fear.

- Check on elderly neighbours, pick up the phone or write them a letter, offer help if you can. 

- Offer help to those who are self-isolating or quarantined, check on your neighbours, pass a note under the door.

- Wash your hands, for your sake and for those around you.

- Keep each other safe and keep your distance.

- Only take what you need from the shops, give what you can, leave some for others.

- Pick up the phone, send an email, connect in any way you can with those you love. 
- Be mindful of this extra time you have with loved ones, to slow down and go back to basics. Connect and communicate.

So many of our clients have come to us with cancelled travel plans, as well as several cancelled weddings. We so deeply feel for any brides and grooms who have had to cancel or postpone their big day, knowing how much time, energy and investment goes into planning these things, we also respect what a huge sacrifice these couples are making to ensure the health and safety of their guests. We are working on something special to bring light to our clients who have had their plans affected, and we would love for you to reach out to us if this is you so that we can connect. 

On a practical level, we have asked our friend and local naturopath, Alyce of Ahara Health for some immune boosting tips to help us support ourselves and families through not only this period but the upcoming cold and flu season, click here for her tips. Please note this advice is general in nature and should be considered for each individual, this also does not intend to detract from any government advice regarding Coronavirus. 

With many of us bunking down at home, our team have brainstormed some ideas to keep you sane while social distancing, click here to read. 

As challenging as this time may be in so many ways, with so many of us forced to stay home and spend time with our families, partners and children, this time presents an opportunity for connection and reflection. A forced opportunity to pause and slow down, to find opportunities for creativity and restoration. Let's try to find some solace in this, and see the positives amongst all of the darkness.  

As a small family run business, even if we may not see so many of you in our showroom for the time being, we hope of course that you will continue to shop with us as usual online, and we hope to continue to bring you lightness via beautiful rings on Instagram. While it might seem trivial in the scheme of our global situation, we hope our content can brings some light relief to your days and some sparkly distraction. At the end of the day, love must go on, and we will go on in love, with hope in our hearts for a swift and positive change in the coming weeks. ⁠


Love, Natalie