Introducing Our Newest Collection | Lona featured image

Natalie Marie presents Lona, a collection with its roots in Island landscapes.

Inspired by the hidden beaches of Hawaii, where sand is created by lava exploding upon reaching the ocean, and water which dances with iridescence as the fresh and salt water bodies combine.

Soft, interlocking forms sit alongside multilayered, luminescent stones which play on light and shift in appearance. With a focus on organic surfaces and softened edges, this collection speaks the language of light dancing on the water.

Grey diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds and Labradorite take the front seat of this collection. All natural stones with deep detailing, heavy inclusions and perfect imperfections. No two stones are the same, each harbouring their own secrets.

Continuing in her signature style, this collection combines fine stone rings, with layered, organic stacking bands. Drop earrings and statement hoops alongside fine, layered necklaces.

Available to shop online now.