An Ode to the Earth: Sabel featured image


In celebration of our earth’s rich organic pigments and warm colour palettes, we are thrilled to introduce our newest collection, Sabel. 

Perfectly balanced, contemporary shapes and hints of nostalgic sentiment weave through Sabel’s tale of windswept lands and establishes each piece as the perfect combination of everyday staple and modern heirloom.

As many of you will know, working towards a more sustainable future has been at the core of our business since inception and with Sabel, it’s no different. Each piece is individually made to order, meaning when you purchase online, our in house team receive your order, then create your piece by hand before sending it out.

By consciously creating every single piece, we’re able to manage the entire process, ensuring we’re treading lightly and reducing waste at every step.  Production can take up to 6 weeks but receiving your NMJ is well worth the wait.

What you’ll find within Sabel is our signature fine wirework featured alongside half moon and rose cut stones, with bold arched forms suggestive of rolling hills and golden sunsets. Delicate millgrain details adorn sweeping curves, adding texture and complimenting smooth, clean lines. 

If you’re looking to purchase consciously this year or simply want to treat yourself, Sabel is the perfect collection for you.


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Photography: @hanro

Stylist: @ledamartineross

Hair & Make-up: @vicanderson

Model: @claudiavlamprea from @chic_managemen